UK 1×03 – November 4th
November 5, 2007, 5:00 pm
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1989, 3AM – My grandfather dies. To him I owe a lot of the weirdness, but many things that he did made me realize what I want to do, although not really having met him. Not really. Sure, I was there when it happened, but I wasn’t really conscious of the impact it had on everyone. He was known as being a great guitarist and singer and everyone knew him as a fun guy, inspirational if you will. Wherever he’d travel with my gran, he’d always end up starting one of those oldschool village dancing party-things, which were quite groovy back then.

2007, 3PM – My grandmother dies. To her I owe a great deal of respect that at times I might’ve left obscured. Because I am an ass occasionally, in my own way. She basically brought me up. And while she didn’t always agree with what I did or believed in, she was always helping me with whatever she could. Simple granny advice goes a long way. Even if I haven’t always considered that to be entirely true. She is one of the people that made me what I am today and for that I’ll always be thankful. The same day and hour is the day that my little cousin’s mom dies. It wasn’t that good a day, I guess.

I may be far away from all that and won’t make it to her funeral, but I’m still close enough to feel uneasy about everything.

This may not really be relevant for anyone, but you may want to reconsider how everything works in your family. You may not always feel happy with how it all works, but everyone had their part in getting you where you are. And if you respect that, they all deserve respect too.

Sorry if I haven’t posted much lately. I will try and keep everything updated starting December the latest.


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hey tu…
Stiu ca e greu….sau poate nu am dreptul sa stiu..anyway…poate nici nu ar trebui sa scriu un “comment” …
oricum…esti in gandurile mele…
ai grija de tine

Comment by alexandra

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