UK 1×04 – Back In 5 Mins
November 8, 2007, 9:58 pm
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Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have delayed posting the final versions of the projects I’ve been troubled with over the past two months. I’ll start posting them gradually now that I’ve found some time.

This was made for the first project, concerning continuity. It was made with no sound. The rules also stated that the story should be comprised of 12 shots that conformed to conventions of shooting and editing for continuity. Although we broke some of the rules, it turned out just right. It also had to be shot on campus, onto miniDV tape and edited in Final Cut Pro.

As the breif reads, the exercise was assessed on our ‘ability to manipulate shots during shooting to create an illusion of continuous time and space, work collaboratively, show coherence and creativity in ideas and technical competence in the various skill areas’.

We’re certainly happy with the result. Hope you enjoy it!

If you think something dosen’t quite work, please do comment; WE‘re ALL really interested in what everyone thinks of it. Which is why you should write something, not just tell me.


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Weeee.. I really love the scene with the chair rollin` down the hallway. You`ve done a very nice job there. I really enjoyed it.
P.S. Congrats to the whole team and especially to the actor that played with the chair 🙂

Comment by wolfydolf

Loved it. Though I wasn’t soo sure about it suddenly going to the foot tapping thing..that was a bit odd, and like out of place.but the finger tapping thing was good.. and i like how when he gets to the end of the hall and goes to pick up his chair, he like…picks it up almost..doesn’t..looks at his watch..picks it up.. and like runs.. excellent work 😀

Comment by Pola-444

mijteux echipa v-aţi tras, tu cu englejii ăia. hai că dacă vă ţânie coaiele binie mânie poimânie oţi rejiza ş-un inimă ghe ţâgancă pă acasă teve.

Comment by Iovan

I made this video, and you are infringing apon my copyright. However, I shall not get the law involved. I will find you, whoever you are. And when I do.

I will end you.

-Love Mother


Comment by I HAVE NO NAME

Tu eşti un total vampire şi i voinţă a voi destroy al tău soul. Dacă tu had un soul.

Comment by I HAVE NO NAME

that guy has the most perfect face for doing that…
i like it…the fact that it has no sound concentrates the attention more on the actions and that`s a plus because it`s funny indeed.
every time you`ll have problems with a wheeled chair remember this so called “back in 5 minutes”

P.S.: the chair actually played the hardest part

Comment by Ioana

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