UK 1×05 – Mono live @ Scala
November 21, 2007, 9:28 pm
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First concert I got to see in London and it’s been more than 4 months since I saw any concerts at all, so it felt quite fresh. It EASILY counts as the best one I’ve ever been to.

The supporting act were Jesu, a drone/post-rock/metal/shoegaze band. They were ok. Too loud if you ask me. Sure, loud is what you’d expect from a concert. But not a full hour of continuous loud, although that’s how drone is supposed to be – continuous, I mean. Still good tho… If you’re going to listen to anything they made, you might as well start with the self-titled album.

Then, the ‘good’ turned to ‘not really good, eh?’ when Mono (post-rock/instrumental) came onstage. They started the show with ‘Yearning’ off last year’s ‘You Are There‘. I managed to shoot it, but had to split it cause of some limitations on YouTube. The clip does not really do them justice, but it still came out good…

I especially liked their japanese or jazzy moments, which were really nicely spread throughout the show. I guess any album of theirs is good, but I didn’t see them being nearly as good as they were live.

Pretty much <@_@>

And, traditionally, I went backstage to chat with the band. And they were pretty damn nice too.


PS: Mono is not Mogwai.


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Hey man i remember you at show!! you ask where is the backstage…great show as well!! go to youtube and search the channel amplificasom an you will see the other videos from the show!! we came from portugal to see this 2 great bands!!

Stay cool!!

Comment by Tiago

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