UK 1×07 – Radiohead play TM
December 28, 2007, 11:55 pm
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Here they were, thinking of where to go next:


Jonny: So, where should we go next?

Thom: We gotta think of some place with no parking space, so people don’t emmit CO2 driving there.

Jonny: Yeah, so it’s gotta be small, but not too small.

Thom: Yeah, like, walking distance.

Ed: Hey.

Thom: Yeah?

Ed: How about Timișoara? (correctly pronounced)

Thom: Where’s that?

Ed: I dunno, someplace in Romania. You know, the guys that beat England’s ass by getting to the European Cup?

Jonny: Oh, those ARSEholes?! Allright, they’re ECO-arseholes!!

Thom: Ok, fine… seems allright.. How’s the 8th of August, just so people would talk of it just like the whole ‘number 10’ thing?

Ed: Sure.

Thom: Do they have any good parks?



Happy holidays & New Year everyone!


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Oh yeah! My mom will join me. :>

Comment by alex90s


Comment by O

I lied.

Comment by DOZ

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