UK 2×01 Union break
October 2, 2008, 12:26 am
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I’d like to thank everyone that helped me with the language recordings for the EU financed project I wrote about in an earlier post – I had all of them recorded on time, which was quite a surprise, considering the little time I had.

Everyone has helped me more than I thought. Sorry for the underestimation, I suppose. The project that I’ve been talking about here and there has been completed. Besides the fact that it was actually FINISHED, it won. We were selected among the top 5 works and are due to receive viral marketing and an official release, which is immense for both the team and the University.

I am sorry to say, however, that we did NOT use the recordings. At all. The executive producers decided that our draft was going in a wrong direction. We don’t feel it was wrong even now, but we had our taste of how commercial film-making works. It doesn’t. Simple as that. Luckily the changes that had to be made were in our liking as well, but it still wasn’t what it was meant to become. Enough bashing though.

Whenever it is officially released on DVD and book, I will post links to it.

The DVD will contain all 5 clips with an additional 5 because the project seems to be a huge success in the eyes of the EU Producers and the book will most likely explain what this is about and how it was made. And why it was made. It should explain why cheques bounce as well, but I have a feeling it won’t.

This is the e-mail the director, Peter Palos, received the night before:

“Dear all,

Thank you very much for sending the DigiBeta with your short film for
the E3′ film project.

A few days ago, an international jury gathered in Berlin and viewed
all 28 participating films from students studying in the following EU
Member States:

Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the
Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Students from
art schools in Iceland and Norway also participated in this project.

The jury was very impressed by the high artistic and technical quality
of the submitted films.

The jury selected 5 films which will be awarded with a viral marketing
strategy and distribution, guidelines for the selection were:

–          Relevance to the theme: the contribution of multilingualism to intercultural dialogue
–          Clear and simple message
–          Fulfilling the purpose of viral marketing

The following 5 films have been selected for the viral marketing distribution:

–          “Babelshow” Stephane Kaas, Nederlandse Film & Televisie Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

–          “De pratglada kossornas park”, Oskar Westerberg, Konstfack, dep. of Graphic design & Illustration, Stockholm, Sweden

–          “Language is music“, Peter Palos, University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom

–          “No fishing”, Richard Meitern, University of Tartu, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia

–          “Smile”, Charles Temujin Doran, University College Falmouth, United Kingdom
The jury would like to emphasize that all submitted films are of high quality and that the selection was purely focused on viral marketing qualities.

All films will be launched during the PRIX EUROPA Festival in Berlin on the 18th and 19th October 2008.

We are all looking forward to welcome you during this event and the screening of the films!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Ute Kohlmann”

Thank you all for the massive support! 🙂

UK 1×07 – Radiohead play TM
December 28, 2007, 11:55 pm
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Here they were, thinking of where to go next:


Jonny: So, where should we go next?

Thom: We gotta think of some place with no parking space, so people don’t emmit CO2 driving there.

Jonny: Yeah, so it’s gotta be small, but not too small.

Thom: Yeah, like, walking distance.

Ed: Hey.

Thom: Yeah?

Ed: How about Timișoara? (correctly pronounced)

Thom: Where’s that?

Ed: I dunno, someplace in Romania. You know, the guys that beat England’s ass by getting to the European Cup?

Jonny: Oh, those ARSEholes?! Allright, they’re ECO-arseholes!!

Thom: Ok, fine… seems allright.. How’s the 8th of August, just so people would talk of it just like the whole ‘number 10’ thing?

Ed: Sure.

Thom: Do they have any good parks?



Happy holidays & New Year everyone!

UK 1×02 – In Rainbows
October 1, 2007, 10:31 pm
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Since I’ve been here, a lot of things that I didn’t understand back home happened. Like how can people not get pissed at each other just because they like different genres of music, right? I mean, sure, I understand it. And I live by it. Sort of. But here, that’s a totally different story.

Then, yesterday, Radiohead just decided to give their new album – called ‘In Rainbows‘ – away for free. Basically free. Because they have no label, nor do they wish to have a record deal. You can order their new album – which appears to be spanning across two CDs – off their site on the 10th of October. And you decide what you pay them. That’s right, there is NO PRICE on it. You can download them legally. Or if you want to have it, solid state, then you can order it and they will send it (worldwide) to you. This, however, costs £40. You can either buy 2×12 inch heavyweight vinyl, or enhanced CDs that contain bonus material from the band. Nobody knows for sure what that is yet.

This ‘Time‘ article basically explains what they just did:

“While many industry observers speculated that Radiohead might go off-label for its seventh album, it was presumed the band would at least rely on Apple’s iTunes or United Kingdom-based online music store 7digital for distribution. Few suspected the band members had the ambition (or the server capacity) to put an album out on their own. The final decision was apparently made just a few weeks ago, and, when informed of the news on Sunday, several record executives admitted that, despite the rumors, they were stunned. “This feels like yet another death knell,” emailed an executive at a major European label. “If the best band in the world doesn’t want a part of us, I’m not sure what’s left for this business.”Labels can still be influential and profitable by focusing on younger acts that need their muscle to get radio play and placement in record stores — but only if the music itself remains a saleable commodity. “That’s the interesting part of all this,” says a producer who works primarily with American rap artists. “Radiohead is the best band in the world; if you can pay whatever you want for music by the best band in the world, why would you pay $13 dollars or $.99 cents for music by somebody less talented? Once you open that door and start giving music away legally, I’m not sure there’s any going back.”

The tracklisting is:


MK 1
MK 2

You can pre-order it at www.inrainbows.com.

And that’s how Radiohead screwed over the record companies & all that shitt. What a bunch of hippies! ~o)

This just makes up as THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, since I have recently joined the poorer side of London living. ‘Happy Birthday’ to me indeed! 😀

Romani Art Festival 07
September 5, 2007, 5:14 pm
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This night was Tamango’s night after the rest of the Shukar Collective performed one day ahead in Traian Square, Timişoara. This is what gypsy music really sounds like, with a spot of tribal instrumentation and latin guitar.

They started the soundcheck on a stage set on the river Bega, which was quite a cool setting for a concert. The thing is, their event didn’t come to terms with the weather, so they had to improvise. Lots of people didn’t show up because of the rain, but the crowd was warmer and sang and danced along, unlike the larger crowd Shukar had. They gathered ’round under an umbrella and performed perhaps one of thir most intimate concerts, as the crowd was surrounding them 🙂

This is the first song they performed, after an introductory tribal-ish jam. Sadly, I didn’t get to shoot that, and the clip may not be representative for the whole thing, but here goes:

For more info regarding the festival, you can visit the official site.

Stufstock Festival 07
August 28, 2007, 4:05 am
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The ticket for the third day would’ve been the most expensive one, because of bands such as Phoenix and The Dandy Warhols headlining, double the price of all other days. But I managed to get in for free 😉

Phoenix were ‘the opening act’ for The Dandys, but you couldn’t possibly call them an opening act. They open for nobody. They received the most applause and got an amazing response from many generations of fans, and were perhaps the highlight of the evening for many. The sound was really bad. Really! And even though it couldn’t have sounded worse (considering it’s such a big festival), they pulled off a magnificent show, like they always seem to do.

Then, The Dandy Warhols came onstage, and they started playing “Be-In” off their ’96 “…The Dandy Warhols Come Down” which introduced one of the most psychedelic nights most of the people there have ever witnessed. Luckily, I was right in the middle of the first row, which is what made the show feel even more amazing.

After a few songs, they performed “(You Come In) Burned” off 2003’s “Welcome to the Monkey House”, a more downtempo song at the end of the album, a breather mid-concert.

After the concert, I wanted to get to see the band, maybe take some pics, but I was wearing a green T-shirt. Because Stufstock coincided with the GreenFest and the staff wore green shirts and the crowd was mostly dressed in black or other darker colours (since this is mostly a rock festival and everyone’s his own emo), I got past security really easily, and started spreading posters to fans across the gates. I was then backstage. Grabbed a beer from the staff table and soon after that, I met the Dandys. They’re all great guys and surprisingly humble, if such a word can be used to describe them, taking to consideration that they’re quite a famous band. Got to talk to all of them for a while, but I especially got to talk with Zia (keys, percussion, etc.) and Brent (drums).


They said they had a great time here, especially Zia, who’s got a one year-old daughter named Matilda, who got swimming lessons (or at least she got to splash) in the Black Sea these few festival days. They said they’ll come here again because the crowd was really great, and some surprisingly knew the more album-tracks that don’t get much live playing or airplay, which was a surprise to them. Hopefully, that’s going to happen… soon enough.

After the festival, Vama Veche was left half empty, with some campers moving their tents on the beach to enjoy the seaside for a few more days. My friends and I moved rather close to the Bulgarian border and we enjoyed two more nights there, with the sun rising right in front of our tents and the sea whispering, like some holiday alarm clock that slowly wakes you up.


Goood times! 🙂

wolfydolf live @ Aethernative Café
July 20, 2007, 5:51 pm
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Basically, everything was great. Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) went wrong. The place was packed with drum’n’bass/dub/electronica/roots,rock’n’reggae fans, curious people and of course, friends. Even the members of another local band called Bio came at the concert.

The setup was pretty intimate, which made it even better. They sat right next to… well… everyone! You could actually feel every stroke, every bassline or drum roll 🙂

The setlist was pretty much the same as the one they had at the Summer Break Fest, so they played Untitled no.1, Colindul Cerbilor, Chillin’ At The French Cafe, La Scoala, Cetera, Dub Troopers, Untitled no.2, Oamenii Au Viziune, Esperando Por Ti and the show ended with Journey To Boston.


Gărâna Jazz Festival 07
July 16, 2007, 1:24 am
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I managed to get there with some friends from AIESEC on the Saturday of this wonderful festival organized by and for jazz enthusiasts everywhere and of no age.

The program for Saturday included Lev Tolstoi’s great-granddaughter, Viktoria Tolstoy accompanied by Jacob Karlzon on the piano, Hans Andersson playing bass and Rasmus Kihlberg on drums. They were great, and Tolstoy got along really well with the crowd and everyone had a good time listening to her mind-blowing voice 🙂

Afterwards came the real surprise – guitarist Nguyen Le and his band made out of multi-instrumentalist-vocalist Cathy Renoir, bassist Hadrien Feraud and drummer Stephane Galland which had planned a Jimi Hendrix tribute concert with all kinds of carribean & french influences that suited Hendrix’s music nicely. All four are amazing players and they gave every song they covered a new dimension. Everyone loved it and I left the festival wanting more. But then, that IS the point of it, right?

As a treat for the romanians present at the festival, the show ended with Dixi Krauser’s bass and fusion project with special guest von Lech. Krauser is well known for his activity with great names in romanian music.

I must say the money was well spent… the show was spectacular, breathtaking even! Hopefully next year’s Gărâna Festival will be even better, and my budget will cover all four days 😀