UK 1×06 – Entertainment Daily
December 22, 2007, 12:31 am
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This is my story of prostitutes, drugs, alarms and Police. I was going for a National Insurance Interview in Harlesden, London. On the way I got hooked by prostitutes – one actually walked me to my destination – offered drugs of all kinds (free of charge, of course), started a break-in alarm when I tried to open the door, because the centre was closed and I was misinformed – thrice – and then the London Police came to chat me up. Fun! Fun! FUN!


Ovi: aşa
Ovi: aveam interviu la 9 seara, da?
Ovi: bun
Ovi: mă duc ca tot omu’ puţin mai devreme
Ovi: că nu ştiam unde e
Ovi: cobor în cea mai apropiată staţie
Ovi: prostituate mă agaţă
Ovi: droguri mi se oferă
Ovi: fac 10 paşi
Ovi: alte prostituate
Ovi: aşa
Ovi: dup-aia
Cristi: 😀
Ovi: ajung la centrul ăla, da?
Cristi: da
Ovi: sun
Ovi: mai sun
Ovi: sun inc-odata
Ovi: nime’
Ovi: trag de uşă, poate tre’ să intru io neinvitat, nu se sună
Ovi: …
Ovi: ALARMA!!!
Cristi: hahaha
Ovi: vine politia
Cristi: 😀
Ovi: si ne zicem bancuri pt vreo oră în timp ce completez formulare și mi se verifică activitățile ilegale
Ovi: haha
Cristi: vai de capul meu
Ovi: superb
Ovi: mă duc cu mașina până in stație.
Ovi: in stație…
Ovi: prostituate!!!
Ovi: 😀
Ovi: ahahahahah
Ovi: + drogurile aferente
Ovi: ‘un weed, baiatu?’
Ovi: ‘meth?’
Ovi: ‘haidam!’
Ovi: să mor de râs bă
Ovi: cred că numa’ 3 stații am facut
Ovi: deci e aproape
Ovi: da’ ce schimbare
Ovi: 😀
Cristi: 😀
Ovi: ce shady arăta
Ovi: în fine
Ovi: probabil era la 9 AM interviul
Ovi: nu PM
Ovi: dar am trimis să imi confirme ca e PM
Ovi: ‘da, confirmăm, vă asteptăm la 9 PM’
Ovi: din cauza lor nu am venit nici acasă
Ovi: dacă aveam numaru’ ăla
Ovi: eram acasă pe-acu
Cristi: 😐
Ovi: în fine
Cristi: ce nasol
Ovi: îmi zice asta
Ovi: că era o tipă cu care vorbeam
Ovi: polițistă :”> (am episoade cu polițiste de cand sunt pe-aici)
Ovi: că cică cartieru’ ăsta e cel mai rău famat
Ovi: citez
Ovi: ‘people get stabbed here, shot’
Cristi: 😐
Ovi: și ce crezi că era peste drum?
Ovi: ‘Dracula’s Land – Restaurant Romanesc’



Sorry the dialogue isn’t in english, but I’ve said everything there was to say at the beginning.

You might like this clip tho. It’s TV on the Radio’s ‘Province’. I seem to be developing a thing for women in uniforms… I think it fits my policewoman episodes quite well. No – better.

UK 1×05 – Mono live @ Scala
November 21, 2007, 9:28 pm
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First concert I got to see in London and it’s been more than 4 months since I saw any concerts at all, so it felt quite fresh. It EASILY counts as the best one I’ve ever been to.

The supporting act were Jesu, a drone/post-rock/metal/shoegaze band. They were ok. Too loud if you ask me. Sure, loud is what you’d expect from a concert. But not a full hour of continuous loud, although that’s how drone is supposed to be – continuous, I mean. Still good tho… If you’re going to listen to anything they made, you might as well start with the self-titled album.

Then, the ‘good’ turned to ‘not really good, eh?’ when Mono (post-rock/instrumental) came onstage. They started the show with ‘Yearning’ off last year’s ‘You Are There‘. I managed to shoot it, but had to split it cause of some limitations on YouTube. The clip does not really do them justice, but it still came out good…

I especially liked their japanese or jazzy moments, which were really nicely spread throughout the show. I guess any album of theirs is good, but I didn’t see them being nearly as good as they were live.

Pretty much <@_@>

And, traditionally, I went backstage to chat with the band. And they were pretty damn nice too.


PS: Mono is not Mogwai.

UK 1×04 – Back In 5 Mins
November 8, 2007, 9:58 pm
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Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have delayed posting the final versions of the projects I’ve been troubled with over the past two months. I’ll start posting them gradually now that I’ve found some time.

This was made for the first project, concerning continuity. It was made with no sound. The rules also stated that the story should be comprised of 12 shots that conformed to conventions of shooting and editing for continuity. Although we broke some of the rules, it turned out just right. It also had to be shot on campus, onto miniDV tape and edited in Final Cut Pro.

As the breif reads, the exercise was assessed on our ‘ability to manipulate shots during shooting to create an illusion of continuous time and space, work collaboratively, show coherence and creativity in ideas and technical competence in the various skill areas’.

We’re certainly happy with the result. Hope you enjoy it!

If you think something dosen’t quite work, please do comment; WE‘re ALL really interested in what everyone thinks of it. Which is why you should write something, not just tell me.

UK 1×03 – November 4th
November 5, 2007, 5:00 pm
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1989, 3AM – My grandfather dies. To him I owe a lot of the weirdness, but many things that he did made me realize what I want to do, although not really having met him. Not really. Sure, I was there when it happened, but I wasn’t really conscious of the impact it had on everyone. He was known as being a great guitarist and singer and everyone knew him as a fun guy, inspirational if you will. Wherever he’d travel with my gran, he’d always end up starting one of those oldschool village dancing party-things, which were quite groovy back then.

2007, 3PM – My grandmother dies. To her I owe a great deal of respect that at times I might’ve left obscured. Because I am an ass occasionally, in my own way. She basically brought me up. And while she didn’t always agree with what I did or believed in, she was always helping me with whatever she could. Simple granny advice goes a long way. Even if I haven’t always considered that to be entirely true. She is one of the people that made me what I am today and for that I’ll always be thankful. The same day and hour is the day that my little cousin’s mom dies. It wasn’t that good a day, I guess.

I may be far away from all that and won’t make it to her funeral, but I’m still close enough to feel uneasy about everything.

This may not really be relevant for anyone, but you may want to reconsider how everything works in your family. You may not always feel happy with how it all works, but everyone had their part in getting you where you are. And if you respect that, they all deserve respect too.

Sorry if I haven’t posted much lately. I will try and keep everything updated starting December the latest.

UK 1×02 – In Rainbows
October 1, 2007, 10:31 pm
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Since I’ve been here, a lot of things that I didn’t understand back home happened. Like how can people not get pissed at each other just because they like different genres of music, right? I mean, sure, I understand it. And I live by it. Sort of. But here, that’s a totally different story.

Then, yesterday, Radiohead just decided to give their new album – called ‘In Rainbows‘ – away for free. Basically free. Because they have no label, nor do they wish to have a record deal. You can order their new album – which appears to be spanning across two CDs – off their site on the 10th of October. And you decide what you pay them. That’s right, there is NO PRICE on it. You can download them legally. Or if you want to have it, solid state, then you can order it and they will send it (worldwide) to you. This, however, costs £40. You can either buy 2×12 inch heavyweight vinyl, or enhanced CDs that contain bonus material from the band. Nobody knows for sure what that is yet.

This ‘Time‘ article basically explains what they just did:

“While many industry observers speculated that Radiohead might go off-label for its seventh album, it was presumed the band would at least rely on Apple’s iTunes or United Kingdom-based online music store 7digital for distribution. Few suspected the band members had the ambition (or the server capacity) to put an album out on their own. The final decision was apparently made just a few weeks ago, and, when informed of the news on Sunday, several record executives admitted that, despite the rumors, they were stunned. “This feels like yet another death knell,” emailed an executive at a major European label. “If the best band in the world doesn’t want a part of us, I’m not sure what’s left for this business.”Labels can still be influential and profitable by focusing on younger acts that need their muscle to get radio play and placement in record stores — but only if the music itself remains a saleable commodity. “That’s the interesting part of all this,” says a producer who works primarily with American rap artists. “Radiohead is the best band in the world; if you can pay whatever you want for music by the best band in the world, why would you pay $13 dollars or $.99 cents for music by somebody less talented? Once you open that door and start giving music away legally, I’m not sure there’s any going back.”

The tracklisting is:


MK 1
MK 2

You can pre-order it at www.inrainbows.com.

And that’s how Radiohead screwed over the record companies & all that shitt. What a bunch of hippies! ~o)

This just makes up as THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER, since I have recently joined the poorer side of London living. ‘Happy Birthday’ to me indeed! 😀

UK 1×01 – Brighton Beach
September 18, 2007, 5:18 pm
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This Sunday, 16th of September, I visited Brighton with the International Welcome Programme held at the University of Westminster. Brighton is far South of London, located like a nice little zit on the ass of Britain, and it took about 2.5 hours to get there (half of that time we were just getting out of London actually…) by coach (bus). The beach is awesome. Clean water, no sand (!?) – just rocks in all sizes, all nice and soft and round and all that, a bit windy (but it IS autumn already and the city IS on the Northern Sea coast).

The Brighton Pier is quite famous as it is often compared with more known Coney Island in the US. The pier dives into the sea for some hundred meters and has a theme park and restaurants and shops and casinos and whatever else I’ve missed and it also has some big ass seagulls that were trying to impress visitors. With their shit.

Went around town after having some lunch and I eventually ended up in the Royal Pavilion Gardens where I found was lying some of the city’s charm, at least as far as I’m concerned. People having a good time, all ages, musicians coming and going, people making giant soap baloons… all that stuff 😀

Here’s the first guy that came and sang:

Then his friend came ’round:

Then I went back on the beach and waited for the coach to come pick me up (and sometimes dodged some gullcrap). Overall a great day 🙂

Timişoara – London
September 10, 2007, 2:36 am
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I’m going to Westminster in September, week 2. I can’t believe I am actually going there, cause of all the things that got in the way.

Time is one of those things.

Everything began one week before the end of high school and two weeks after the deadline for selecting the options for the exams I was taking three weeks from then. I had to prove I was able of talking and writing in English at an academic level, and since I kept delaying my CAE exams months before the thought of leaving even came up (because I had finals in the same day), I wanted to change the option of taking a Geography exam into an English written exam. I’ve stressed a lot of people in my school with my wishes, but I pulled it off, eventually.

The deadline for applying through UCAS was the day I sent my application. Then came the Baccalaureate exam, the ending of high school and all the paperwork and exams for enrolling in the faculties here began. Busy month, I must say.

Later on, Westminster sent me a conditional offer, stating they wanted to see my portfolio and they also wanted to interview me over the phone. It contains the clip I made for Four Tet’s “TwentyThree“, “Mono” and another clip for one of my favourite wolfydolf tracks that I was working on at the time, “Desert Culture” – it has not been finished yet. The interview was long and it went really bad in my opinion, but they seem to’ve liked the portfolio.

After getting my Baccalaureate results, I found out that the English exam I took was worthless. I was expecting that, but I thought it might still work, because it seem like it was the only option I had. Since it didn’t, I had to take either an IELTS exam or a CAE. None could be taken in my city or the country or the surrounding countries for the summer. But I found out that I had the option of taking a TOEFL iBT, and so… I did. Even though I had no time to prepare. If you want to take an english test, don’t take this one. You’ll be talking with a computer. If you want an advanced english diploma, try other testing that involves humans. Take it as is, I mean it. Try consulting someone at the British Council, they might know more than I do.

Afterwards, I needed to borrow money from the UK government, because I certainly didn’t have enough money to pay the fees for the course, rent, utilities, transport AND food. Sure, I’d get a job… but the 15-20 hours you’re allowed to work would not cover all the expenses.

Another problem that popped up was the TOEFL iBT results came in 2 weeks later than the teachers said they would, and I was one week late with providing my score to the University. And I couldn’t do anything about it. So I went to the seaside, at the Stufstock Festival. Then I came back, and still, nothing happened. Then I left on a trip to Maramures with some friends where I got to see the Săpânţa Happy Graveyard and two really nice all-wood monasteries. The day I got home, the results were in the mailbox.

Seems I had 95 out of 120 points, so about 80%. E-mailed my admissions officer, got my place insured and everything turned fine. Bought a plane ticket too. If you want to buy plane tickets, do make reservations as soon as you know you’re leaving. They’ll be really expensive if you’re a last-minute person like me. Must change that once I’ll be a student…

Got my Baccalaureate diploma translated and certified, made a debit card, gone and done everything throughout town in a record 3 days and I’ve finished packing all my stuff just now. After 2 months worth of uncertainty, tomorrow is “take off day”. And this… is “goodbye”! 🙂