[1 Becmead Avenue EP]
October 2, 2008, 12:50 am
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1 Becmead Avenue EP was released by doz on the 18th of September 2008 on [membrana medium]. it is an electronica/glitch album. the tracks can all be downloaded freely here:

1. Aort
2. The Antarctic

3. Coffee
4. Hillsides

[Hillsides] initially started as a soundtrack for an experimental short film bearing the same title (“Hillsides“), but it had to be scraped for a different take.

The music video for [Coffee] was filmed during July 2008 and will hopefully be released shortly. I suppose more details will follow.


[membrana medium]
January 7, 2008, 5:56 pm
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[membrana medium] is an independent label.

It has been established on the 31st of December 2007.

It will host all [our] occupational output: video, audio and otherwise.

So far, this is just a net label.

It means it is subject to no copy rights or distribution ties whatsoever.

It is not yet registered and may never be.

This is because it has no commercial value – online, that is.

An all-purpose temporary website was ‘made’.

It will hold any useful information, should there be any.

It is yet another MySpace account.

For more information about the way things may work, just ask.

Either here, or e-mail at membranamedium@googlemail.com.